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Help your business take flight by securing your land.

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You’ve finally found that perfect piece of land for your business. Or maybe you want to secure your financing before starting your search. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Get started in three steps:

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    Tell us your plans

    We’d love to hear about your plans for your land and the timing of construction projects associated with the acquisition.

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    Check zoning

    If you’ve found your lot, check with local officials about zoning for the property. You may need to request to have the zoning changed to meet your needs.

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    Look into improvements

    Make sure the land can be used to fit your plans by investigating any improvements, such as sewers, utilities, streets, or other structures.

Current rates

Business Land Loans


Rate as low as

Rates may change without notice. Rates above are effective as of 4/16/2024. Age 18 or older, membership and credit qualification required. 1% Loan fee plus all costs, minimum $500.


1-3 Yr. Term with up to 25 Year Amortization

Rate as low as


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