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Running a business is hard work. Let's make managing your business finances a breeze.

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With Online Bill Pay, Payroll, and Invoicing, you can ensure that your bills get paid, your employees get paid, and you get paid—on-time and without the fuss.

Online Bill Pay

The Basic Business Bill Pay program helps you pay your bills your way, wherever you happen to be.

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    Control your cash flow by setting up payments at times that work for you and your suppliers.

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    Access your bills and transactions online when and where you need to.

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    Paying bills online is not only easier, it’s also safer and more secure than mailing checks.

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    Save time. Online bill pay is easy to set up and allows for recurring payments.

Basic Business Bill Pay also allows you to:

  • Import payees from Quicken® or QuickBooks®
  • Pay multiple invoices for a single payee all at one time
  • Establish recurring payments for monthly bills
  • Establish permission controls and delegate tasks
  • Review audit reports to see payment activity for all of your authorized users
  • Track company/organization spending and payment history
  • Grant access to others (i.e. bookkeepers, CPAs, office managers) as needed

With Basic Business Bill Pay, the first 10 online transactions are free; only 49¢ fee per transaction after 10.

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Payroll and Invoicing

For $22.95 per month, the Bundled Business Bill Pay program delivers all of the same features of Basic Business Bill Pay program, plus online payroll and invoicing capabilities.

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    Paper checks begone! Our online payroll service allows employers to directly deposit employees’ pay into their checking or savings accounts. It’s not only easier for you and your employees, but it reduces the risk of fraud, including stolen checks, counterfeit checks, and forged signatures.

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    Save time with accounts receivable by generating non-negotiable, itemized statements for the products and/or services supplied to your buyer(s). Customized invoices will include your letterhead and usually contain: the products or services details; prices; taxes; dates; address information; terms and discounts; as well as payment methods.

Business Admin

Our new Business Admin feature gives you more control, so you can focus on running your business — not just the finances.

You’ll have the power to create users and custom permissions for those users. This means you’ll be able to grant a trusted employee or partner access to your business account and identify which accounts they can have access to and what they can do within those accounts.

Say goodbye to the extra paperwork and the long hours in the office — get back to the fun stuff.

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